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Victoria Government Gazette - Online Archive 1836 - 1997



Use these tips to find information in the gazettes, download an issue as a PDF or print gazette pages.

Help with searching

The search function on this site searches only for words that appear in the indexes of the gazettes, not in the full text on each page. You may need to try a few different approaches to find the information you're after.

Searching for people

If you can't find a person by searching for their name, they may not be listed in the gazette indexes. Try using some information about the person in your search. For example, if the person you're researching won a government tender or was appointed to a government position, you can use keywords relating to the tender or position in your search.


You can browse the gazettes by decade, year, month, day and page. Browsing is particularly useful if you are looking for a specific issue number or date of publication.

Basic search

Try these techniques to get the best results from your keyword search.

To find: Type in:
The word sheriff in a record sheriff
The exact phrase highway robberies in a record "highway robberies"
Both the words underground and rail in the same record underground rail
Either of the words underground or rail in a record underground or rail
The word underground but not rail in a record underground not rail

Advanced search

An advanced search allows you to use a combination of the above methods to finetune your search further. You can also specify the date range and subject.

Alternatively, you can select the 'page search' option to search for a particular gazette page within a specified year.

Sorting results by category or date

You can sort your search results by category or date by clicking on the 'Category' or 'Date' heading in the search results table.

Searching the full text using AUSTLII

The Australasian Legal Information Institute (AUSTLII) has also digitised the Victorian Government Gazettes and the full text is searchable online.

From the below link, click on 'Name Search' (near the top of the page), and from the 'Find' drop down menu, choose the appropriate search option,

then enter your search (it does not have to be a name- it can be any word).

The results will link to the PDF of the Gazettes containing the search term. Once you click on a search result, you need to search again within the PDF, using your browser's search function.

This will then highlight the search term.

PDFs of the gazette

If you'd like a copy of a particular gazette, you can download the entire edition via the PDF link in the top right-hand corner.

Printing gazette pages

To print a copy of a gazette page, you need to:


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About the gazettes

For information about the frequency of the gazettes, missing gazettes and errors in this archive, see About the gazettes.

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